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Kaslo, BC

Sep 2, 2022 - Sep 3, 2022




The Summers End Music Festival started with a spark of a little idea from Rebekka Harrison (Throwbekk), to celebrate the end of summer and stay inspired throughout the fall and winter in the East Kootenays.

Originally started near Kaslo, BC, for the first few years, the magical location of this festival has moved from one hidden location to another. Since then, they have secured a more permanent spot for the few years to come. Hidden in amongst the forests of the East Kootenays, it is an adventure to both find and experience the festival at the end of summer!

This year’s Summers End


You can purchase your tickets directly through the festival by emailing

How do I get there?

The festival is located in a hidden forest in the East Kootenays. Once you’ve purchased tickets, directions will be provided.

Who's playing?

  • Throwbekk
  • Dinosaur Fight
  • Zakk For Real
  • Ben Fox
  • Mugz
  • Chimp It
  • Intersect
  • Steven Lee
  • Dubconscious
  • Fatty Cakes
  • Strudz
  • Lefy
  • Strange Fellows
  • ViraVira
  • Mraki
  • Raya Sun
  • Grandpa Phunk
  • Neuronic Nev
  • Thai Swan
  • Fluxo
  • Waves
  • DJ Orita
  • Gee Campos
  • Kevin John
  • Matty Zee
  • Matticulous
  • Connor Oswald
  • Zerooni
  • Mr. Morison
  • Basil Moon
  • Chvvns
  • Commander Sashtar
  • Luk3D
  • Old Ben
  • Rob Goblin & Spark

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