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Calgary, AB

Aug 16, 2017 - Aug 18, 2017




In October of 2003, six Rastagarians came together with the same vision – to increase the awareness of Reggae Music in Western Canada and to provide an avenue where this music can be heard. The Calgary Reggae Festival Society (CRFS) was formed and set on a mission to promote local, regional and national awareness of Reggae Music in Canada.

By its simplest definition, a Rastagarian is a Calgarian who shares the values of Caribbean culture and, specifically, Reggae music.

The Founding Members had a very strong connection to Reggae music and event planning. The experiences of this group were far reaching – from Reggae music DJ’s, broadcasters, promoters and musicians to experienced event planners. This team endeavoured to educate the general public about the conscious, unifying power of Reggae music.

It’s not a religious movement, it’s not social commentary, and it’s not scary. Rastagarians are the youthful Calgarians of all ages, shapes, sizes and colours who celebrate our city’s cultural, social and aesthetic revitalization.

This year’s Calgary ReggaeFest

This festival has not been running since 2017. We will update this page as soon as new dates are announced.

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